MNEK - Every Little Word

greetings from tokyo. i’ve been foaming at the mouth for this precious moment and now it’s here. i’ve been dying to hear this single ever since MNEK posted his Mixtape Vernacular a few months ago, which featured the most tantalizing snippet of this absolute banger. it dropped yesterday and has received a storm of praise already, deservedly. anyone who follows this blog knows how obsessed i am with him, but this song is such a jam. maybe a little early to be identifying songs of the summer but after the winter we had, forgive me for being premature. i won’t bother detailing the many wonderful nuances of his production because i just want to keep replaying it and loving it and i hope you will too.






i’m an evangelizing believer about the church of mnek, take a pew :)


Hot Chip - How Do You Do (Todd Terje Remix)


you make me want to live again


Ben Abraham - Violin (Amos Lee cover)

stumbled into this lovely cover. love this boy’s soulful voice, he shreds the chorus.

oh god, why you been / hanging out in that old violin


DNKL - Hunt

This deserves so much more than 8000 views.  It’s got that drippy, noir pulse that reminds me of some of Chromatic’s darker sounding songs. This Swedish trio also just threw up their newest track, Battles, onto their soundcloud for the free download.  Hunt is also up for free.


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Forest Swords - The Weight of Gold

I must have already posted this track long ago, but I just came across this beautiful video shot by Benjamin Millepied using the same track, and had to share it.


Leo Kalyan - Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High For This

and for those of you turning down the evening - check this mash-up from rising talent Leo Kalyan. more killer choonage from the uk. a totally original mash-up of ‘high for this’ by the weeknd and ‘why’d you only call me when you’re high?’ by the arctic monkeys. super smooth and funky. check out his other remixes and mash-ups (his remix of burn by ellie goulding is pretty special. and ‘pour it up’. but i’ll let you check it out). i’ll be continuing to keep an ear out for this guy.


Thomas Coxhead - A New Love

being a bum, battlestar galacticing on a saturday night and blowing my twenties. so trying to at least mentally act my age and contribute one hell of a house mix from thomas coxhead. heard this for the first time at work this week and was totally hypnotized. you think it couldn’t get any better and just keeps defying logic. some absurdly fine mix of funky, deep and tech house…and now i’ve hit my genre quota…enjoy, it’s a sophisticated scorcher.


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Yasmin Green - Into the Night

fell down a delightful rabbit hole in soundcloud and found this one. and i’m so glad that i did. i’ve been playing this song every day this week, and i know it could be the buzz of first love, but every time it kicks off i feel pure joy. this song is just a delight, perfectly mixed. lots of acoustic flavors and vocal harmonies over very synthy-80s style beat…which then gets deliciously broken down at the bridge. you just want to get tucked up with this song and wish the world was like this all the time. i adore it. hope you do too. keeping an eye out for yasmin in the future!

if i’m stuck to you like glue, then nobody else will do


Junior Boys - In the Morning

this song is classic. and this video of a custom light installation is unreal. it looks like a giant room…but it’s actually made in a cardboard box. i need to learn how.



Thief - Closer EP

i’ve been a supremely neglectful contributor of late. but this ep came up on my radar last night and i am in LOVE. please check out all four songs. i’m having a tough time even trying to tag this by genre. it’s so many things. his voice is rocky, smooth, soulful, spare at times. the vocal harmonies can be closer to America or CSNY than anything. the beats can go everywhere from trap to funky to 80s synth pop and everything in between. you think of mark ronson production, the ed banger label, gnarls barkley, erasure, jt & timbaland…i feel like a found a hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk. so good :)