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Simtec & Wylie - Maggie May (Horns Cover)

it is a crappy if cool rainy day here in the commonwealth, which is good prep for heading back across the pond and joining chris in merry england (even though i’ll be down south in london town).  but when you’re on day three of the job application grind, you have to start make your own sunshine. so i have plied myself with espresso and various versions of ‘maggie may’, and i thought i would share this cover. it is a delightfully broken down version of rod & the face’s classic ode to an old, fetching cougar, feat the world’s most recognizable mandolin riff. simtec & wylie had brief but potent success as a soul duo from chicago during the late 60s and early 70s. they fizzled out toward the end of the decade, but i think a cover like this should count for something in their legacy.  here’s some sunshine on a grey day!

download the cover here.


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